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Fanmail From Worthless Loser Slaves That I Make Incredibly Weak! It’s All About Princess Mina
Friday December 29th 2006, 2:32 am
Filed under: Blog,Domination,Feet,Fetishes,Financial Domination,Humiliation,Kinky,Sissy Sluts

I get an abundance of fan mail every week. I like to share some of it when I from time to time. Here’s a bunch of emails from some weak, worthless, jello brain limp dick losers. This needle dick maggot gave me his Yahoo ID. Every worm must know a tribute is required for my precious time. Duhhh losers!:
im a 26 yo black male that is on myspace to find a domme to control and humiliate me. I would love to talk with you further if you dont mind. I’ve tried to surpress this for too long…….i know I was born a submissive and in need of discipline in my life. I’ve used the excuse of being punk for many years now. Ive been put in my place too many times, Ive been embarrassed too many times, humiliated about my penis size and just down right degraded as a man. I do have pics of me in very humiliating attire……even some of me in panties and diapers.This idiot wants to entertain me by watching him eat dog food like a lowly mangey mutt he really is. And proves it by his email:
Thank you so much for joining my dog food humiliation group……would you be willing to force me to eat dog food?

I DON’T deal in the blackmail fantasy. Humiliation yes. Blackmail NO. Although destroying him is tempting. I find much more enjoyment in destroying wallets and bank accounts instead:
My name is Steve 28 , i currently live in las vegas. sometime ago ive begun to have these submissive tendencies. Im not some fat bald ugly dude either. i can get girls and dates but im looking to turn my life over to a goddess and spoil her and be dominated and humiliated in return. my fantisies are foot worship/stockings. BLACKMAIL having a myspace page made of me in dedication to you sending u any nasty humiliating photos i wouldnt want anyone to see. financial, chasity. feminazation etc etc i also have a very small penis. i dont think ive ever given a women a orgasm. . please please consider giving me the chance to worship you! ur hot and dominant and thats who i want to worship. the more financial/life control u have over me the more i think ill like it. im probably a little naive but please destroy me..

This loser boy wrote me several times then disappeared. You so called “men” talk too much shit. Don’t write a check your sissy ass can’t cash. I enjoy being their weakness and manipulate these dumb fucks mush brains to suit my needs:
hi i am chris and i am a full time mechanic at midas. i am sorry to bother you but you have the most beautiful feet. i have a huge foot fetish and i would give or do anything to worship your beautiful feet and toes. id love to buy you shoes, pay for your pedicures, lick your soles, suck your toes and you could treat me like a floor mat and trample my whole body. please please please i beg you i will give or pay anything to worship your beautiful feet and toes. id even work on your car for you and then pay for it for you. if i may ask what size are you beautiful feet. please ill do anything for you. your foot slave chris

Anyway I am off to get some promotion done. I like being on vacation but at the same time I get so bored and go crazy if I don’t do some work at some sort of compacity. Later losers…Remember it’s all about me your Thick Vanilla Princess 😉

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wassup im rez-one holla back.

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