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I Need Your Help………..
Saturday August 29th 2015, 6:05 pm
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More pics of my boys & I below

I need lots of BIG clip orders at by 8/31/15

I usually don’t get personal these days. You can’t. But that’s a whole nother topic. I’m usually in Miss Mina/GodMother/Cruel BBW Fem Dom mode. Today you get to see a little of the REAL me. Anyway….

I plan to donate a portion of my monthly check from my Clips4Sale store to a ferret rescue that desperately needs donations. I donate to my local animal shelter and food bank year round. I don’t do it for attention. I do it because I want to. Because it makes me feel good. Because we need more love, understanding, patience, selflessness, sharing, caring in the world.. Because I hate to see poor defenseless animals suffer. Because I hate seeing kids go hungry. They didn’t ask to be born. They just want to live free & be happy like every other living being.

All this evil/negative shit going on in the world REALLY bothers me.

Drac & I


I have 2 ferrets myself. They are my therapy pets. THEY saved ME. Not the other way around. I’ve had a total of 5 ferrets over the years. They are the coolest pets with amazing personalities. So they are near & dear to my heart. 

I saw a disturbing image of a ferret on Instagram that was discarded in the heat in a dumpster left to die. He lost all of his hair, is literally skin & bones. He has a mass and a blockage and needs immediate surgery. A rescuer found him & he is getting treatment. But they need donations to help all of these animals. These rescuers are angels. I want to hug & thank them all for their big selfless hearts.

I haven’t really been back on Instagram since I saw those images yesterday.

But don’t know how this story will end. I am hoping it is a happy ending. I would post a pic but when I saw the pics I was so upset & disturbed I cried & couldn’t sleep all night. It INFURIATES me to see this happen to these animals.

So I’ve decided to make it my mission in life to donate & help any way I can. If not me then who will? 

I love helping animals. I can’t express that enough. Please show support & help me make this the best month in sales ever and help me send a nice donation to the animal/ferret rescue/shelters. It would mean A LOT to me

I need lots of BIG clip orders at by 8/31/15


Thank you for reading & for your help!




The GodMother

More pics of my boys and I below.

Lucky Getting His Salmon Oil Treat

Lucky & I

Baby Drac, I Call Him Big Baby. Cuz He Really Is A Big Baby. Mommas Boy





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Friday August 21st 2015, 3:57 pm
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